About Alli Builders

Our name was carefully constructed based on how our clients feel during the projects we complete for them.

Guidance and teamwork is our promise to you.

We understand you have probably built before and said you will never do it like that again! Alli commits to the project from infancy to delivery and are dedicated to not only a great build but a great experience.

"Make the complex simple and create quality and memory that lasts"
Peter Tomlinson
Alli Builders

Peter Tomlinson

Peter Tomlinson commenced as a registered builder in 2012 after a gaining a breadth and depth of experience in the field working with other building firms. These years of building skills, capabilities and recognition for delivering customer outcomes, also highlighted the fact that for many clients, the design and build process left them feeling unheard and underwhelmed. Some of the more discerning clients particularly those with the need to integrate their needs-both current and future – wanted a more collaborative role in the design and project process. Alli sees an integrative design process at the centre of every highly successful project, Alli has also kept in step with eco-friendly and energy efficient building construction methods, particularly with light framed construction methods. This option provides owners with reduced construction time, lower maintenance and increased energy efficiency.