The shape and topography of a block will invariably have a substantial influence on the design and space available for the various requirements of a building brief. The more difficult the block, the greater the challenge for the designer and builder.
The recent construction of a residence in Braydon Road, Attadale, was very much a case in point. Located off Canning Highway, within walking distance of Alfred Cove and the Swan River and not too far distant from Point Walter, the site is a prime piece of real estate.
However the narrowness of the block, boundary setbacks and issues with overlooking neighbours were major influences on the project, substantially impacting on the location of rooms and spaces.
Problems with sloping site The project was further complicated by the fact that the site sloped away from the street to the rear boundary.
With design concepts and construction by Primesite Developments, the residence plans and further design were prepared by Define Creations Design and Drafting.
The design needed to incorporate three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a home office, open living plan and upper floor living space on the narrow, angled site where the topography was falling from the street to the rear of the site.
These challenges were essentially overcome through a combination of strategically located split levels and retaining walls, thereby limiting the impact of site difficulties and at the same time achieving the objectives of the design brief.

Year : 2018

Type : Build

Location : Attadale, Australia